There is an Old Saying in Real Estate That 90% of the Real Estate is Sold by 10% of the Brokers

This is not far fetched. There truly is an entirely separate class of Real Estate Professional out in the marketplace. The full time professional verses the part time pretenders. The ten percent minority consists of realty professionals that are most often full time, Type A, workaholics that are both social and very personal creatures.

The reality is that with the current marketplace many of these true and worthy professionals are leaving the real estate industry for other careers. The frightening part is that with this occurrence the 10% is now a diminishing figure.

Most office Brokers or office Owners will confess that the bulk of the work in their entire office is now being performed by just one or two agents. All the other Realtors that are named as members on the office roster of Realtors are simply “hanging their licenses at that office.”

Well what so scary or strange about this? Of course agents need to go elsewhere so they can feed their families!

As a Seller or potential Seller the odds were and are now greater than ever before that if you hire an agent and do not have proof positive or first hand experience that this agent is in this 10% professional category you have a 90% chance of hiring someone who is not effective for your job That’s an 80% to 90% chance that you will entrust the wrong person to work for you and handle the sale of your single largest asset. These odds are unbelievable. Nine times out of ten a Seller will pick the wrong listing real estate agent. Would you hire a painter, hairdresser or doctor if you stood a ninety percent chance that it was a bad choice?

The way to prevent this is simple. Don’t roll the dice and take the chance. Do not hire and list your property for sale through a listing real estate agent. Sellers you can easily place your property on the market without a listing agent. Go online and inexpensively advertise the property. Make sure you offer to cooperate and pay a commission (one half of the commission that you would have listed for) to any Buyer’s Agents that bring you a qualified buyer for the property.

A Seller does not need to concern themselves with whether a Buyer’s Agent is good or not. They are easy to recognize. A good Buyer’s Agent is the one with a good Buyer.