Real Estate Auctions

Providing an innovative approach to the successful sale of houses in New Zealand, real estate auctions provide an effective and cost efficient method of selling property. Traditionally, selling properties through traditional sales channels can sometimes be an extended process, with the longer the timeframe of sale directly correlating with associated marketing costs and the dedication of time to the sales process. Furthermore, with the ongoing costs of maintaining a house which is on the marketplace, an extended sale period can quickly pile the expenses associated with the sale. Auctions provide owners with a quick sales channel to market where qualified and prospective purchasers are accessed who have the financial backing to purchase the property. As an auction can bring together a number of qualified purchasers to a property at one time, this can place pressure on prospective buyers to make present an offer on the property.

New Zealand real estate auctions have historically produced attractive sale prices for both buyers and sellers. The benefit of auctions is the achievement of market value for the property, where real estate sells for exactly what the market deems its worth. One of the safety features naturally instilled in auctions is that if the initial price is set too low, this is likely to stimulate an extended number of prospective purchasers to place bids and raise the price significantly. On the other hand, if the initial price is set too high, this will create a level of disinterest by those in the marketplace. This provides a natural safety net for both buyers and sellers of property in New Zealand being sold at auction.

The negotiation process, under traditional sales and marketing channels, can be time consuming and stressful. Furthermore, the notion of meeting estate agency staff and prospective buyers and dedicating time to showing these people through your house and home can waste time and resources. One of the main benefits of selling real estate through auctions in New Zealand is the elimination of constant public viewings. This is alleviated by providing the marketplace with full and disclosed information about the property, along with set viewing schedules prior to the auction, then enable qualified buyers to make informed buying decisions.

When considering the sale or purchase of your next or first property, contact a reputable estate agency in New Zealand who can inform you of the best course of action in respect to selling property through the auction process. Their experience and knowledge will enable you to avoid common pitfalls and get the results you desire.